Octavio Ocaña, they arrest the police involved, they confirm

It recently emerged that the Cuautitlan policeman, Izcalli, who is credited with the departure of the actor from “Neighbours” was arrested, apparently, the former member of the corporation would have detonated Octavio Ocaña’s tires after having stopped him for speeding.

Identified as Leopoldo “N”, authorities of the State of Mexico confirmed his arrest and it is expected that this Thursday, September 22, his legal situation will be defined, after a hearing that will be held at 7:30 p.m. way it was reported that there is an arrest warrant against another element.

The detainee would have been accused of guilty homicide against Octavio Ocaña, committed in October 2021, in the midst of a persecution that would cause the fatal outcome of the young artist, who ended up losing control of the vehicle in which he was traveling along with two other companions and collide

Among other reports, they point out that the alleged defendant could continue his process outside of prison, if he continues with all the precautionary measures that were imposed on him, including the use of a locator.

On the other hand, another order was also confirmed for the same crime against Gerardo “N”, who also served as a municipal police officer in that town at the time of the events, and who is currently a fugitive from justice.

The popular character who will embody “Benito Rivers“In the Mexican television series he quickly won the affection of the public and his co-workers with whom he collaborated from a very young age.

This coming October 29 will mark a year since his departure after the charismatic actor lost his life at the age of 22 after receiving a “detonation in the head.”

Meanwhile, after hearing from relatives about the news of said arrest, the sister of the tabasqueño He went to his social networks to express his desire for justice and about the progress that exists to date due to the departure of his younger brother, for whom he will continue to fight to clarify the events that will take his life.

“We are not sure that justice has reached us, quite the contrary, definitely everything that is happening is totally murky, that is why today we will make our situation known to you. Today is an important day to raise our voice more than ever #justiciaparaoctavioocaña. His mu3rt3 was a guilty hom1cid! Bertha Ocaña expressed in her message.

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Subsequently, a statement was circulated by the Lex Pro Humanitas Foundation on behalf of the Ocaña family in which they make known their position regarding the situation they have been facing for almost a year.

“We believe that there are sufficient elements to prosecute those likely responsible for the homicide and various crimes related to the death of Octavio Augusto Pérez Ocaña, resulting so far in the arrest of the municipal police officer of Cuautitlán Izcalli, Leopoldo “N” and in the search and location of his partner, Gerardo “N”, who is today a fugitive”.

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