Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend suffers another tragedy and assures that she is “waiting to die”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Almost seven months have passed since the death of the Mexican actoror Octavio Ocana, known for his role as ‘Benito Rivers’ in the popular series ‘Neighbors’. The unexpected loss of him caused shock and sadness throughout his family and acquaintances, including his then-girlfriend. Nerea Godinez.

Ocaña got engaged to the young woman in June 2021, but it became an unfinished dream as a result of her confusing death.

Nerea usually shares the plans she has to move forward on her social networks, always remembering the actor, whom she says she thinks about daily.

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However, it was in the last hours that a message from him left all his followers very alert and worried, after announcing that one of his pets was very ill.

This is a small bird that I had been caring for for some time and who experienced very unstable health.

Nerea indicated that she was very sad, in addition, to express that she was prepared for the worst.

“Peter is not going to make it, it was his lunch hour right now and I already found him very bad,” he told his followers through his stories.

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“The whole day was super good, he is dying. I don’t think I can save him, at least I’ll give him a warm place for his last moments,” the message ended.

Next, what attracted the most attention were a few last words in which she looked sad and hopeless.

“I literally wait to die, how bad it feels not to do anything right,” Nerea wrote, while putting sad face emoticons.