Officials dismissed for disseminating photos of Octavio Ocaña’s corpse

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Two public officials were separated from their positions this Thursday for their alleged participation in crimes committed around the actor’s case Octavio Ocanawho passed away on October 29, 2021, under mysterious circumstances.

The Judicial Power of the State of Mexico (PJEM) reported that a paramedic identified only as Marceline “N” and an investigative policeman named Raul “N” They were removed from their duties for their alleged participation in the crime against “respect for the dead and violations of the burial and exhumation laws,” which is also known as the “Ingrid Law”.

The judge who made the decision to remove the aforementioned people from their posts also set a time limit of 144 hours, that is, until March 21, to decide whether they are subject to legal proceedings for their actions. And also, an economic punishment.

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“In addition to the separation from her position, Marcelina “N” was required to present an economic guarantee of 5,000 pesos, while Raúl “N” an economic guarantee of 8,000 pesos, since they continue their process in freedom,” detailed the Judiciary.

The actor’s body was subjected to exposures in two moments, the first when he was in the seat of his truck and the second when he was admitted to the morgue and someone took photos of his naked torso, his injured head and even details such as his tattoos, but in this second fact there are still no actions against those responsible.

The accusation

The investigation indicates that the two possible defendants used their cell phones to take photographs and videos of the body of Octavio Ocaña -artistically known as “Benito Rivers” for his role in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’-. These images were the ones that later went viral on social networks, giving rise to all kinds of versions.

Thanks to these images, some users of social networks assured that the weapon with which, according to the authorities, “Benito” would have shot himself was not in his hands when he was seen wounded, the same as in other shots he appeared wielded in his right hand. However, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, all these possibilities were analyzed at the time of issuing the opinions.

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Finally, the Attorney of Justice of the State of Mexico (FJEM) concluded in its investigation that in the case of Ocaña there was no crime to prosecute, so the police officers who participated in the operation that persecuted him the day of his death were released.

In this way, the cause of death was considered accidental, supporting the version that Octavio accidentally shot himself in the head, after hitting a wall while fleeing from the authorities.

For their part, his relatives insist that they will go to the last resort to prove that the death of the 22-year-old actor was not an accident.

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