Oh humbly! This amount was charged by Snoop Dog to the MS Band for the collaboration

United States.- The MS band surprised their fans with a collaboration they did with the rapper Snoop Doggwhich was a hit and enjoyed the acceptance of its thousands of followers, so the group did not hesitate to repeat it.

But, it recently caught the attention that the famous American confessed to a medium in his country what he charges for working with other artists.

It was during an interview on the podcast “Full Send” that the rapper revealed his not inconsiderable fee of 250 thousand dollars, around five million Mexican pesos, for whoever wants to make a song with him.

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But the detail does not end there since the aforementioned rate is only for recording 16 phrases, since it charges the same amount separately for appearing in a video clip.

“That means that I would record 16 sentences and if you want to do the video I will have to receive another 250 thousand dollars and you will only have an hour to record it,” Snoop revealed.

Snoop also clarified that he charges the same amount separately for appearing in a video clip. Photo: Special.

He also made it clear that the prices he mentioned is not a fixed rate, but rather varies depending on the artist, since he does not charge everyone the same, so it is unknown if the MS Band had to pay 5 million for the “Perro nosy” will give you 16 winning phrases for your new song!

Let us remember that Banda MS since it has two versions, the first in which it is only Snoop Dogg and in the second the participation of Becky G.

What caught the attention among the followers who took out their calculators to calculate how much it cost their group to work with the rapper “gringo” was that they also shared the stage and presented their song live, during a concert held in The Angelswhen the Mexicans toured the American union in 2021. Being one of the shows most remembered by the public.

With both singles by the rapper, the public of Banda MS reacted favorably. Photo: Special.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the rapper also has a song called “Grandes Ligas”, in which he dumbbells with Lupillo Rivera, German, Santa Fe Klan Y B-Real. Although it is not known if these artists paid the American, since we remember that he maintained a great friendship with the brother of Jenni Rivera.

Even this musical theme has an official video in which Snoop Dogg participates, which caused a great sensation among fans after its release in 2021.

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