Olaf Malolepski on possible Flippers comeback: “A definite no!”

Updated on 04/07/2022 15:27

  • The Flippers song “We say thank you” recently celebrated a curious revival.
  • After the hype, many fans hoped for a comeback of the band, which broke up in 2011.
  • The former Flippers musicians categorically reject a reunion.

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The now almost forgotten song “We say thank you” by the hit band Die Flippers recently caused a stir. At Ballermann, in discotheques and at private parties, the title from 2009 has blossomed into the summer hit of the season.

Reason enough for many fans of the band, which broke up in 2011, to hope for a reunion. However, the former pinball players Olaf Malolepski and Bernd Hengst (Manfred Durban passed away in 2016) clearly reject the dream of many fans.

In an exclusive interview with the “Schlager.de” portal, Olaf the pinball player comments on the loud comeback wishes: “No, a pinball comeback is out of the question. We had a nice and successful time together, but we were aware of it in 2011 decided to quit.”

Bernd Hengst: “Everything has its time”

Olaf Malolepksi, now 76 years old, has been a successful solo artist since the Flippers disbanded and now performs as Olaf the pinball. He explained further to “Schlager.de”: “I am very satisfied as Olaf the pinball, I perform with pinball songs and my own and I am happy to reach so many people with it and obviously to make them happy.”

Bernd Hengst sees a possible flippers comeback similar to Malolepksi. In an interview with “Bild”, the 75-year-old musician makes it clear: “A clear no! Everything has its time. And the time for Flippers’ performances is over.” After the dissolution of the Flippers, Bernd Hengst withdrew completely into private life. With his statement in the “Bild” newspaper, the former guitarist and singer of the Flippers has gone public for the first time in eleven years.
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