“Old t-shirt, old hairstyle and slammed at 10 p.m.”: Iris Mittenaere, 30 years old and without filter

End of the dictate of youth? The stars finally respond

Engaged for a few months to the influencer Diego El Glaoui, Iris Mittenaere has everything to be on a little cloud but, like many women of her age, turning 30 can be difficult, even for a former Miss Universe.

Sunday January 29 in one of her Instagram stories she wrote: “In pajamas ready to sleep at 10 p.m., with an old shower bun full of knots. Iris 30 years old. Ready to adopt 5 cats and knit blankets for them.” After messages questioning her relationship to her age, Diego El Glaoui’s companion clarified: “I don’t feel old compared to my age friends (I answer some in message) just I’m having trouble recovering from my little illness, and I’m having fun with the difference in look between my birthday all pumped up and up until 4 a.m. And the Iris who is really posting in old fashion t-shirt as pajamas, old hairstyle not combed and snapped at 10 p.m. I love my 30s.“A precision that has something to reassure Internet users at a time when the diktat of youth still prevails, but like the actress Macha Méril who, from the height of her 81 springs, does not consider herself older than another, the 30-year-old influencer reassures her subscribers and still feels very good about herself.

And at only 30 years old, Iris Mittenaere has not finished making us dream, after a romantic marriage proposal on Lake Como, Miss France 2016 plans to marry her companion in 2023. The one who said in an interview, six years ago wanting to have a family life before thirty seems to have taken a step back from her decision, the beauty queen who has become a real influencer with young women has also set foot in the world of fashion since she released her own collection with the brand Oceans Apart earlier this year. A year 2023 which promises to be very busy and which does not leave room for derisory questioning.

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