Olga Wornat assures that she has received threats from Gerardo Fernández for ‘El Último Rey’

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- the journalist Olga Wornat revealed that he has received threats from Gerardo Fernández, son of Vicente Fernandezafter writing his book ”The Last King: The Son of the People’, which has been the basis for the launch of the artist’s -unauthorized- series.

It was during an interview with Javier Poza, in which the Argentine said she had received threatening messages everywhere from the brother of Alexander Fernandez, however, none of them has been head on. “What I want, in any case, is for Gerardo to appear. I don’t want subliminal threats. I am here to talk to him,” she said.

He also recalled that when he was writing his book he sought out Gerardo Fernandez to rectify the information and through a call he treated her badly. “Gerardo answered me in a bad way, he called me and asked me who had given me his phone number… -later- I talked to Vicente Jr. who was very kind. The one I didn’t talk to was Alejandro, he was on tour,” she shared.

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It did not take long for the journalist to discover that her bad experience with the son of “Chente” not only happened with her but also with other journalists and people who knew him. The woman assured her that “Gerardo is careful, but I’m not afraid of him.”

Likewise, he announced that he has more information regarding the Fernández dynasty and is not afraid of a possible lawsuit, since she has only done her job. She also regretted that Dona ‘Cuquita’, widow of the interpreter of ‘Acá entre nos’, is conducting interviews when she has never done so before. In her opinion “she is being manipulated.”

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‘The last king’

The series ‘El charro de Huentitán’ based on the book by Olga Wornatrecounts family fights and alleged links to drug trafficking Gerardo Fernandezso it has caused inconvenience in dynasty.

Through a statement, Dona ‘Cuquita’ stated his position. “I remember when Televisa wanted Vicente to give up his rights for free to make a series about his life and some time later they offered him crumbs without taking into account his career. Vicente was not left. He told me: ‘Cuquita, these don’t have fillers,’ the statement begins.

María Refugio Abarca stressed that neither they nor their children want a penny from Televisa and accused them of stealing the image of “Chente”. “Vicente wanted to tell his life and share it with his audience by signing a contract with Caracol to be broadcast on Netflix, because they gave him that confidence that he did not have in Televisa,” she explained.

‘The last king’ It has 10 chapters. In its premiere, the kidnapping of Vicente Fernández Jr. was addressed, who was deprived of his liberty for two months and lost two fingers on his left hand.

The series is broadcast on the Las Estrellas channel at 8:30 at night in Honduras.

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$!The distribution of the unauthorized bioseries of Vicente Fernández.