Oli.P explains why he hasn’t drunk alcohol for years

Updated on 01/05/2023 12:58 p.m

  • Oliver Petszokat alias Oli.P has not been drinking alcohol for several years.
  • He explains the reasons for his abstinence in Thomas Anders’ podcast.
  • The abstinence from alcohol has to do above all with the “responsibility” towards his wife.

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A glass of sparkling wine to toast the new year? Not for Oliver Petszokat aka Oli.P The actor and singer (new album “Hey Freiheit”, April 7) has not been drinking alcohol for a long time. The 44-year-old explains the reasons for his abstinence in a recent podcast conversation with fellow musician Thomas Anders.

Like Oli.P in the latest episode of the podcast series “Modern Talking – Simply Different“explained by Thomas Anders, he decided six years ago to give up alcohol. “I’m on the freeway so much, I drive for all my jobs myself,” Oli.P explains his decision, and: “I have the responsibility towards my wife.” That’s why he decided for himself: “I always want to be the master of my senses and I thought about it, I won’t do it anymore.”

Oli P’s wife Pauline Petszokat: Every day “a new challenge”

The background: A brain tumor was discovered in the musician’s wife a few years ago. In March 2020, Pauline Petszokat underwent a successful operation, but she is apparently still suffering from the consequences of the disease to this day. In an Instagram post on World Brain Tumor Day, Pauline Petszokat wrote in June 2022: “I’m not life-threateningly ill, but I’m not healthy either. Physically and mentally.” Every day is “a new challenge”.

Oli.P explains in an interview with Thomas Anders that his wife’s medication is currently not compatible with alcohol consumption in good conscience. The entertainer does not want to rule out the fact that he and his Pauline will toast with an alcoholic drink at some point, provided that the general conditions allow it. Finally, he jokes: “Maybe someday the moment will come and we’ll enjoy a case of wine.”
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