Oliver and Amira Pocher: New love nest in their homeland

Amira Pocher is flirting with a property in her native Carinthia. Are the Pochers now moving completely and building up a new mainstay in Austria?

After all, it’s best at home: Amira Pocher (30) may well have thought that too when she looked around for a suitable property in her old home in Carinthia. As early as last November, the native Austrian raved about the region in the Eastern Alps in her Instagram story and was considering buying a house there. But what does that mean for her fans – is she moving away from Germany with her husband Oliver Pocher (44) and their two children?

After breaking into her house: Amira Pocher no longer felt safe

Her house in Cologne has just been renovated: After flood damage, the Pocher family had to move at short notice and stayed in the villa of star colleague Pietro Lombardi (30). There they became victims of a burglary almost a year ago. The “Prominent” moderator has just commented on the serious consequences that the act left in her in a trial as a witness. Among other things, she was often afraid, she said. That’s why the family quickly moved back into their old home in the spring, even though the damage hadn’t been fully repaired.

"Oli should be on the DSDS jury"

Amira Pocher: “Oli should be on the DSDS jury”
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Land found in Carinthia: Amira Pocher is drawn to her old homeland

Now, however, the Pochers have obviously nailed it when it comes to their plans in Carinthia: In their current Instagram story, the 30-year-old answered questions from her followers and it came out that the family had already chosen a specific property. When asked by a user: “Found land in Carinthia?”, The former “Let’s Dance” participant wrote with anticipation: “Yes! Next week I have the notary appointment.” Regular posts on Instagram show how much she feels connected to her homeland.

For her current Instagram post, she also posted a heart-eyed emoji, which expressed her great joy at the important step. The 30-year-old left it open whether it would only be a second home, a holiday home or her new home.

Born in Austria, she came to Germany in 2014

Amira Pocher was born in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, the capital of Carinthia. At first she worked as a make-up artist and hairstylist. She came to Germany at the age of 22 and met comedian Oliver Pocher two years later in 2016 through the Tinder dating app. Both married in 2019 and are parents of two young sons (3 and 2).

Initially used as her husband’s sidekick, Amira was able to quickly build up her own fan base. Since January 2022 she has been moderating the tabloid magazine “Prominent!” on vox. In the same year she took part in the 15th season of “Let’s Dance” and took fourth place.