Oliver Pocher during a live performance: The funniest moment happens unplanned

Most recently, Oliver Pocher was seen more as a moderator than as a comedian. For the farewell to “Quatsch Comedy Club” legend Thomas Hermanns, the 44-year-old returns to his beginnings and gets carried away with a stand-up performance.

Oliver Pocher’s jokes are no longer really well received by the audience. The gags from 20 years ago turn out to be pure body shaming today. Probably the funniest moment of his TV appearance just happened by chance.

No longer up to date: Oliver Pocher makes a fool of himself in the “Quatsch Comedy Club”

While the spectators in the “Quatsch Comedy Club” seem to be enjoying the event, the audience in front of their home screens just rolls their eyes in annoyance. “Pocher will never be funny,” comments a man on the show when Oliver is on stage. Another writes: “The Pocher can really only level. There was nothing profound or funny about this shaky performance, just lame.”

Even during his TV appearance on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the comedian cannot resist derogatory comments about the social media platform Instagram and influencers. He comes across as an incorrigible man who lives according to the motto “Everything was better in the past” and not someone with whom the viewer can really identify. There are also tasteless statements like “all those hamburgers on the beach” and “you have to lose weight, you fat cow”, which nobody can laugh at these days.

Viewers laugh at Oliver Pocher – and has the audience on his side

Probably the most entertaining moment in his performance is therefore not the responsibility of Oliver Pocher, but of a spectator in the hall. When the comedian has just uttered the sentence “I’m not the guy who gives all the shit anymore, I’ve become a bit more serious”, suddenly an unmistakable, malicious laughter sounds through the room. Not even Pocher himself seems to have expected this answer. Irritated and visibly outraged, he looks in the man’s direction, while the audience’s honest reaction triggers thunderous applause. “Splendid! Olli gets the biggest laughs: ‘I’ve become more serious now’,” a man commented on the scene on Twitter.

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With his arms crossed, Oliver Pocher tries to counter: “What is Boris Becker’s insolvency administrator laughing at?” But even with this spontaneous dig at his eternal competitor, he can’t even make a quarter of the audience smile.