Oliver Pocher makes fun of youngsters

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Pietro Lombardi has become a father again. Oliver Pocher doesn’t seem to have noticed anything about that. The comedian also did not comment on the DSDS juror’s baby contributions: Is the only friendship between the two finally over?

Cologne – The baby of Pietro Lombardi (30) and Laura Maria Rypa (26) has been in the world for about two weeks. After the DSDS juror had to leave an event surprisingly quickly, the rumor mill about the birth of his second son ran hot. About a week later, the singer contacted his fans with the happy message and has been collecting thousands of congratulations from celebrity colleagues and fans ever since. But one person doesn’t seem to have noticed all the hustle and bustle: Oliver Pocher (44).

Oliver Pocher makes fun of Pietro Lombardi’s offspring

In their podcast “Die Pochers”, Amira and her husband talk about DSDS and the current sexism scandal by Dieter Bohlen (68). Amira takes the opportunity to congratulate Pietro Lombardi. Oliver Pocher throws that pretty much off course, because he apparently didn’t notice the birth of little Lombardis at all: “Did he have a child?” Asks Oliver Pocher in surprise.

Oliver Pocher makes fun of youngsters
Oliver Pocher didn’t notice anything about the birth of Pietro’s son © IMAGO/osnapix & Instagram/lauramaria.rpa

“But he keeps that completely secret on social media, right? No, that just went completely under the radar,” the comedian wants to secure. But Pietro and Laura quickly made the baby news public on Instagram. Is there still thick air between Pietro Lombardi and the Pochers, so they didn’t know anything about the birth?

Even if the baby was born earlier, Pietro only posted the first family photo on January 21st. The Pochers even commented on this with “Finally!!!”. In the podcast, however, they don’t seem to know anything about the birth. Amira and Oliver Pocher may have recorded their podcast beforehand and therefore did not hear the news.

Dispute between Pietro Lombardi and the Pochers: what is it about?

Ever since the Pochers moved out of Pietro Lombardi’s house, there has been a crisis between them. In their podcast, Oliver and Amira occasionally attack the singer and his girlfriend a little. Laura Maria Rypa doesn’t even listen to the Pochers podcast, as she revealed on Instagram: “I don’t have to say anything about it. Everyone has their own opinion of what they think of people, and so do I.” The statement suggests that the two couples are still at odds with each other. Exact reasons for a dispute remain unclear.

The fact that Pietro does not then inform his former landlord Oliver Pocher about the birth of his son does not make the situation any better. A few days ago, the Pochers were still in court because of Pietro Lombardi. Someone broke into the singer’s house when Oliver and Amira were staying there. Sources used: Podimo “The Pochers” Episode 46 Karmasutra