Oliver Pocher rages because of the jungle camp moderation

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It’s now halftime in the jungle camp. From Friday, a star who receives the fewest call votes flies out of the show every day. There was a premiere in the new season, because Jan Köppen forms the new moderation duo together with Sonja Zietlow. Before that, there was a furore about the cast, because many fans were not enthusiastic about the Daniel Hartwich replacement.

The “Let’s Dance” presenter led the show with Zietlow from 2013 to 2022 and, last but not least, exchanged blows with one or the other celebrity during the exams. In the latest podcast episode of “Die Pochers!” Oliver Pocher now explained why he was missing exactly that with Jan Köppen.

Oliver and Amira talk about Jan Köppen’s job

When it became clear that Daniel Hartwich would hand over the moderation, Oliver Pocher spoke up at the time and said: “I have to say very clearly: Of course it’s a show I’d love to moderate. Point. It’s just a great format. I find it really interesting.” But as is well known, nothing came of it.

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In his latest podcast episode, he reiterated this statement again and said with a view to whether he could imagine participating: “My goal would be to moderate this show more.” He and Amira Pocher were already talking about Jan Köppen. The 30-year-old saw it like this:

“Basically I like him, he’s a really cool moderator, but I think it’s a shame that a new moderator who has a completely different style of moderation is being pushed into the completely same role as Daniel Hartwich.”

And further: “He probably got the same clothes, the same wardrobe. That makes so little sense to me because that’s what made Daniel Hartwich. Then you can’t push a completely different person who is hosting ‘Ninja Warrior’ next to Bushman and has a completely different style to moderate into a completely different role. I think that’s such a shame.” If a new moderator was taken, then it could have been solved more coolly, she emphasized, adding: “It just seems completely foreign.”

The comedian explained, “Daniel took his time too. He was just as colorless in the beginning, doing a personality show that didn’t have much success or get noticed.” With the most successful formats such as “Let’s Dance” or the jungle camp, he ultimately “also got a style and a certain attitude”. In the course of this, Amira said that Daniel Hartwich was “one of the best moderators” for her.

Oliver Pocher is missing that with the new moderator

However, it was difficult for Oliver Pocher to classify Köppen. The reason: “Daniel Hartwich recognizes certain situations, knows how to let others shine. He’s just a moderator – nothing more and nothing less. He doesn’t really want to have this personality that he does something left and right. He does exactly his Broadcasts, drives to the studio, moderates and is gone two minutes later. This is Daniel Hartwich. I couldn’t even classify Jan Köppen as a big character, he’s just nice.”

Finally, the 44-year-old drew his conclusion about the new moderator: “You can also approach this jungle moderation with a different style. Jan Köppen is then too nice for that, that he really squeezes two or three sayings from the people. But I think that has to be the case with a show like this. The moderation is part of that and if the moderation just goes by, then you take a part of the success of this show. I think you can do it differently or better.”

He also emphasized: “The jungle camp is now running successfully, of course the number of viewers is melting away a bit, you can tell, but the market shares are still very, very high. But you can also see that you can’t sell everything with the jungle. if dr Bob is traveling with Filip Pavlović and Prince Damien, nobody wants to see that on Sunday. People have to be a bit of a character before you can do that.”

Even before the start of this year’s edition of the jungle camp, there was turbulence because Martin Semmelrogge did not get on the plane with the other participants. RTL later confirmed: There were problems with his entry, the Australian authorities did not grant him a visa.