Oliver Pocher shares rare family pictures – “Private Insight”

Oliver Pocher shares rare family pictures – fans are amazed: “So much private insight”

05/09/2022 at 11:55 am

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It is he who repeatedly criticizes influencers for forcing their children in front of the cell phone camera. And now suddenly none other than shows Oliver Pocher even his kids on Instagram.

But the exclusive photos with his children are not the only reason why Oliver Pocher is currently causing a sensation on the internet.

Oliver Pocher posts a photo of himself, Amira and their sons

Together, Oliver and Amira Pocher stand up for the rights of children and publicly denounce the behavior of some parents. For example, Amira complains about the mother of two and RTL2 awareness Anne Wunsch: “Unlike you, not every second person out there knows what our children look like, what their names are, whether they are still in the diaper or not, whether they are vomiting for no reason ‘Cause Mommy’s dragging them from one place to another, whether they’re having diarrhea or burping into the camera.”

But now the Pochers surprise their Instagram followers with a picture of their own sons. On Oliver’s account, fans of the comedian will find a cute snapshot of the four from their private family album. However, the boys’ faces are covered by emojis.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Oliver Pocher thanks his wife for making “our children one of the (hopefully) great people [macht, Anm.d.Red.]who will later raise their children with the important values ​​in this life”. However, his words are not only aimed at Amira.

Oliver Pocher thanks ex Sandy – “Could some take an example from it”

If you swipe the picture of Amira, Oliver and their sons to the left, another family photo of the comedian appears. This time he poses next to his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden and their three children, whose faces are also made unrecognizable. Because: The 44-year-old would also like to thank Sandy.

“Without you, I/we would be in a fix,” admits Oliver Pocher in the caption. Emotional words that you don’t even know from the TV star.

In the comments, Oli is praised several times for not forgetting his first wife and for showing her the same respect as Amira. “I think it’s great how you master your patchwork life and you can post both pictures. Respect! Some families could take an example from that,” notes one user. Another adds: “So nice that you think of both moms!”

The fact that Oliver even shows his children on this occasion amazes his followers. “Wow, so much private insight and yet well enough protected. I like it,” praises one woman. “Finally we get to know your children too,” says another fan.


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