Oliver Pocher talks about Becker’s conviction

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Of: Julia Hanigk

Oliver Pocher talks about Becker’s conviction
Oliver Pocher comments on Boris Becker’s verdict. (Photo collage) © Screenshots Instagram/oliverpocher

Boris Becker was sentenced to two and a half years in prison in London. Now Oliver Pocher also commented on this. He feels what an “unpleasant situation” it is.

London – Boris Becker (54; everything about the tennis legend on the topic page) was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a court in London for several bankruptcy proceedings. The former tennis star has to be behind bars for at least half of the time, after which an application for probation is possible. The verdict triggered a wave of sympathy – Oliver Pocher (44) now also commented on it.

For Oliver Pocher, in the case of Boris Becker, it was “relatively clear what it will lead to”

Comedian Oliver Pocher cannot understand that many expected a mild verdict in Boris Becker’s case (here everything about Boris Becker’s career and successes), as he shares in his Instagram story. The 44-year-old explains that it was “nothing unusual because that’s the way the law is and after the conviction and after the points it was somehow relatively clear to see what it’s going to be like.” So it surprises me that many simply expected a verdict, which amounts to an acquittal or probation.”

Among other things, the first in the world tennis rankings, Novak Djokovic, expressed concern about the prison sentence for his companion and former coach Boris Becker. “Laws are the way they are,” adds Pocher – “You can’t choose.” The comedian, who liked to tease Boris Becker from time to time, also makes it clear that he really sympathizes with Becker’s family.

“There’s no satisfaction at all”: Oliver Pocher comments on Becker’s conviction

“I can only say again from my side: There is somehow no satisfaction or where you say ‘Yes, great somehow, now he has what he deserves’,” said Pocher. On the contrary, he explains: “I can kind of sympathize, especially with all the children, especially with the little one, that this is just a totally uncomfortable situation.”

Boris Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova also commented on the verdict on her father. She said she will visit him “whenever I can”. Sources used: dpa, instagram.com/oliverpocher