Oliver Pocher teases nasty after celebrity separation against Marc Terenzi

Jenny Elvers and Oliver Pocher know each other from show business.

Jenny Elvers and Oliver Pocher know each other from show business.Image: imago images/VISTAPRESS

A few months ago it was surprisingly announced that Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi are a couple. At that time the “picture“, citing the environment of the two of a “lightning love”. In the Sat.1 show “Club der Gute Laune” it is said to have finally sparked. However, the two have known each other for around six years. The singer later said yes RTL to: “We found each other, but we weren’t looking.” Jenny Elvers emphasized that after returning from Thailand, where the shooting took place, they first had to see how things went.

But the rumor has been circulating for a long time that the two no longer go through life as lovers. In particular, the fact that Jenny Elvers did not show up with Marc Terenzi in May on the occasion of her 50th birthday sparked speculation about a separation. Now Marc Terenzi confirmed the “picture“that the rumors are actually true and they are no longer together. Oliver Pocher then promptly made a swipe.

That’s what Marc Terenzi says about love

In an interview with the newspaper, Marc said the following about the breakup: “We broke up weeks ago. But I want to support them, so I kept silent. The past few weeks have not been easy.” He therefore celebrated his 44th birthday on June 27th without Jenny Elvers. According to the report, she would have stuck to the relationship for a long time.

Terenzi, on the other hand, emphasized: “It was the right decision to end it so that everyone can better deal with their personal situation.” And further: “We like each other and talk to each other.” By the way, Elvers did not want to comment on the love off.

Oliver Pocher speaks up about the love off.

Oliver Pocher speaks up about the love off.Image: Instagram / Oliver Pocher

Comedian Oliver Pocher took a stand on this. He’s known for sarcastically commenting on what’s happening around the celebrity and social media world on his profile. In his Instagram story for the “image” article, he finally wrote with a malicious undertone: “Oh man…where else do you find true love these days? I thought it would last forever.”


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