Oliver Pocher with a tough verdict on “Let’s Dance” star: “Nobody knows”

Oliver Pocher has been in the current one several times "let's dance"- Season guest.

Oliver Pocher has been a guest in the current “Let’s Dance” season several times.Image: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The “Let’s Dance” quarter-finals are on Friday evening. In the race for the title “Dancing Star” are Sarah Mangione, René Casselly, Amira Pocher, Janin Ullmann and Mathias Mester. In the tenth live show, the stars are encouraged to show two new dances. They also compete against each other in so-called trio dancesin which the respective dancing couple is supported by another professional.

In their podcast, Amira and Oliver Pocher talk about the latest development on the show. With the final drawing ever closer, the comedian has now clarified who he has no chance of lifting the trophy. Incidentally, the presenter saw things differently and defended one of her competitors, whom Pocher was aiming for.

Oliver Pocher does not see Sarah Mangione in the final

At first, Amira said that everything is actually hurting her at the moment. “Buttocks, thighs, the body just says, just leave me alone,” said the 29-year-old about the past training sessions. The comedian then stressed that she now has to learn two dances in the same training time: “Amira, this is now the quarter-finals, now it’s sorted out. It’s about getting into the semi-finals. I’m the oracle, Sarah has to go today.”

According to the comedian, it will be decided next week whether Amira or Mathias will be on the last show of the season, “because I just see René and Janin as set”. Amira saw it all like this: “In the end, it’s the calls, the storytelling, the development. I think Mathias will be very difficult to beat. Don’t underestimate Sarah either, she’s incredibly popular.”

Pocher promptly contradicted this: “That’s wrong. That’s just nonsense. That’s not right. I don’t want to say that she’s incredibly popular, she just swam through all the trappings. The problem is with Sarah: nobody knows her. Nobody knows who Sarah Mangione is. That’s just a bit part of it.”

Amira quickly protected her: “But you get to know them. There were often people you didn’t know at the beginning, who had a completely different target group. It’s the same as with the jungle camp. Some people come in there who you don’t know, but after a week you got to know them. Anyone can shine and anyone can become famous, even someone who hasn’t been on TV every week before.”

In any case, the comedian was sure: “But it’s not enough anymore. The story is told.” Also on Amira’s pointing out that the two would often be compared in terms of dancing level, the father of five children said:

“I sometimes find that you dance some dances no worse than Janin. I also don’t think that there is such a huge gap. René stands for himself. But these are artistic numbers, which have relatively little to do with dancing. It “It’s spectacular, but what you danced to the ‘Magic Moment’ on Friday is what grabs people because it was special. You could feel in every fiber what you wanted to express. Are sporty They are the winners of the season, nobody can do what they can do. But it’s also about what I know more about René at the end.”

In terms of content, he knew nothing of his life, his story. Now he only has two shows left to tell. “Then there’s Janin and you. That’s a difference to Sarah. I think Sarah does it well, but right now it’s over with fifth place.”, according to Pocher. Amira then said: “All right, Llambi!” The “Let’s Dance” judge is known for his tough judgments. Similar to Pocher now, he judges the performance of the celebrities in clear words from week to week.

However, the comedian went one step further and spoke to his wife about the fact that she was very reticent about her “Let’s Dance” comrades-in-arms: “I’m curious if four weeks after the show you’ll text anyone else or someone to yours 30th birthday invites. I’m very, very excited to see who’s left of the dance troupe.” And further: “You are in the ‘Let’s Dance’ bubble and then you always want to stay out of it.”

Annoyed, Amira said: “How often do you want to emphasize that?” Finally, the mother of two sons stated that the other stars would also be rated positively on the official “Let’s Dance” page. This included Janin in particular. It’s 50/50 for her, because it says: “I’m arrogant, I’m distant, I’m unsympathetic.”

Pocher pointed out that there was a lot of storming against Massimo and that they would not come across as a real dancing couple. “I’m not a fan of holding hands either. Basically, it’s just that we’re different. Sometimes I also think to myself: ‘Great, during the breaks some people even hold hands.’ They can all do it, but I’m just different,” Amira explained.

And further: “There 14 people are simply paired with others, someone is put at your side and you have to spend eight hours a day with them from now on, dancing close together, having their sweat on your body. It’s clear that it doesn’t click immediately with all 14. It’s quite normal that you first have to get to know each other and warm up. I really have to say that Massimo was nice from the start, but I didn’t know him. But now he’s become like a brother and he’s just so loyal, so patient with me and I really couldn’t have picked a better one.”