Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift’s cat, named the third richest pet in the world

Taylor Swift does not stop breaking records: her latest album,midnightshas become the first album since the 80s to sell more vinyl than CDs, as soon as their next tour begins,The Eras Tour, she will become a billionaire… But all this, especially the financial part, affects those around her a lot. Whether or not they are of the same species.

Olivia Benson, the Scottish Fold cat from the author of hits likeall too well,Shake it offeitherexilehas reached third place in a ranking calledThe Ultimate Pet Rich Listproduced by the website specialized in pets All About Cats, with a current heritage of 97 million dollars, which in exchange almost reaches 92 million euros.

Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift’s cat, named the third richest pet in the world

Olivia, best friend and partner of Taylor Swift, has found her success outside of the world of the and the [mascotas]influencersfrom Instagram. The Scottish Fold has amassed her fortune starring alongside her owner in several of her music videos, creating her own line ofmerchandisingand has made cameo appearances in a multitude of big-budget commercials, including for Diet Coke [Coca-Cola] or Ned Sneakers”, they assure of the animal in the publication.

The cat, whose name comes from the character played by Mariska Hargitay in the seriesLawhas been by the singer’s side since 2014 and has an older “sister”, Meredith Grey, named after the star ofGrey’s Anatomy, and a little “brother”, Benjamin Button, for the David Fincher film. All of them are Scottish Fold.

Ahead on the All About Cats list, Olivia Benson has, in second position, Nala Cat, the cat with the largest number of followers on Instagram (almost four and a half million fans) and a fortune of 100 million dollars, and , in first, and in an almost unattainable position, to Gunther VI, a German shepherd owned by the Gunther Corporation and that reaches 500 million dollars.ht

In fourth place are, at the same time, Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke, Oprah Winfrey’s dogs; in the fifth, from an anonymous owner, a dog with 25 million dollars named jiffpom; and in fifth and sixth place Choupette and Pontiac, the pets of the late Karl Lagerfeld and Betty White.