Olivia Collins and Andrea Rodríguez together and without rancor although they were with the same man

Eight years agoOliviaCollins It was the third in discord in the relationship they had andrea rodriguez and the former member of The Academy, Agustin Arguelloso seeing them work together seemed impossible, but now, The stars dance today made it happen.

The producer of Televisa’s morning show decided to turn the page, make a clean slate to have the actress within the poster of celebrities that adorn this third season of the controversial reality show that brings together various figures from the Mexican show.

In an interview with TVyNovelas, Andrea and Olivia make it clear that they have already forgiven each other, and that the past has been stepped on.

Olivia, were you afraid to participate in the competition because of the friction you had with the producer Andrea Rodríguez? We had no friction, she and I are intelligent, empowered women, that is, that has no point, not even touching.

Andrea tells us that she is very happy to have you on the show… Well, yes, I told him: “Let’s give each other a hug”, and we closed the cycle; Life is like that, situations arise and I did not intend to harm anyone. We already talked, she talked to me and we put an end to that. Also, she is a very successful producer and she has my admiration.

Andrea, in the networks they wonder if you and Olivia are already friends… I mean, I’m not going to tell you she’s my friend, because she’s not. I think that, in the end, we talked when I invited her to the program, and we have never touched the subject again, she died there. We don’t even know what he (Agustín) thinks, imagine, he must be laughing, surely.

But do they have a cordial relationship? ANDREA: Yes, of course; for example, the day she danced she was very nervous, I went backstage when I found out she was hurt, I told her I didn’t want her to get worse, because she was just as important to me as all my participants, so we want them to be okay. Then when she finished I saw that she had cried and I hugged her and asked her to take care of her. She also hugged me, and there is cordiality, because it was a chapter in our life, we didn’t even know each other in person; I confess that suddenly I ran into her at an event and from afar (laughs), I turned around because I didn’t want to see her, but that’s what happened, it was many years ago.

It was in 2014 when Olivia Collins and Andrea Rodríguez were in the middle of the scandal, as it was said in the media that the actress had lowered her boyfriend to the television producer.

The gallant in question was Agustín ArgüelloArgentine singer who rose to fame in Mexico after participating, in 2009, in La Academia, and later in Second Opportunity, where he was the winner, obtaining two million pesos.