Olivia Rodrigo has said that she is a synesthetic person

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    Olivia Rodrigo He has said that he has synesthesia. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a brief note: a synesthetic person can associate concepts with different senses, that is, seeing sounds, hearing colors, feeling words, smelling letters and numbers… It may seem strange to you, but there are many people who have this gift, and can even visualize concepts that are abstract, such as “friendship” or “limerence”. How do you stay?

    Well, the singer has said that, in her case, having synesthesia makes her see when she listens: “I have some synesthesia, when I listen to songs, I see colors“. Did you know that this existed and that there are many synesthetic people? Or does it happen to you? Is it a matter of the famous Pisces, like her?

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    The singer has also said that most of the songs on her latest album are purple: “A lot of the songs on ‘SOUR’ are purple. ‘Driver’s License’ is purple and ‘Good 4 U’ is like a blue to purple. Although bright red ‘Jealousy, Jealousy’ and orange, pink and light purple ‘Deja Vu’. I like to have purple like the reference color throughout my life was SOUR“, he told the American edition of Vogue (by the way, if you liked his album, check here the 100 best love songs that will brighten your day).

    The truth is that we are not surprised by his passion for purple, more than anything, because it is usually the color he uses to dress his public events. An example of this is the last edition of the MET Gala 2022, where she attended with a brilliant look with butterflies in her hair of the same tone.

    How curious to know that he sees colors when he listens to songs!

    olivia rodrigo

    Olivia at the latest edition of the MET Gala.

    Kevin Mazur/MG22Getty Images

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