Olivier de Kersauson, who overcame cancer, talks about his faith

While he has been living for a few years with his wife in Tahiti, Olivier de Kersauson is passing through Paris for a great occasion: the promotion of his new book entitled “Veritas tantam potentiam”. He notably gave a river interview to the “Figaro” in which he evokes, for example, his Christian faith…

The listeners of Big heads by RTL, a program hosted by Laurent Ruquier and in which he intervenes punctually during his visits to the capital, know it: Olivier de Kersauson is not the sweetest of the gang. But, behind this image of an old sea bass a bit rough and sometimes dubious humor, he is not so insensitive as that. Asked by Le Figarothe now 78-year-old sailor shared everything he loves, from green tea to Latin to…faith.

Olivier de Kersauson: moderate believer?

If the navigator complains of political life which has not found favor in his eyes since the end of the 1970s, of the loss of the meaning of words or even “urban eco-friendly“, he keeps a few pleasures intact. Including that of religion… but in his own way! “It pleases me to believe. I find it convenient because it makes someone to thank. And it’s true that, at daybreak, when everything is beautiful and magnificent, it makes someone to congratulate on the beauty of the scenery (…) I’m happy with that. My capacities for wonder are not exhausted… as far as nature is concerned“, says Olivier de Kersauson. It must be said that when you live facing the blue waters of Tahiti, the decor is also easier to love than in the middle of public housing bars…

Olivier de Kersauson and illness: he overcame cancer

If the navigator, who entered the marine academy in October 2022, is therefore a believer, he does not bet everything on the skies in his private life. “Even attached to values ​​that have disappeared (…) Kersauson [n’est] not reactive, not anti-progress, happy and grateful to have benefited from a medicine that allowed him to overcome his lung cancer“, written Le Figaro. Because, yes, in 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer while he was in Paris. “Illness is virtual as long as you are not sick. And when it happens to you, you see the suffering of people. Their dismay. their helplessness. Their desperation. But I didn’t take it for a fight. I took it as a chance to be healed“, he confided to Paris Match.

And, in the face of illness, Olivier de Kersauson did not hide his admiration for those who saved him; he is in remission from his cancer. “Everything escapes you, you no longer depend on yourself. You are ignorant. It’s the knowledge of others that will get you out of there, but you don’t have access to it“, he adds rightly.

Olivier de Kersauson: his life with his wife far from France

If he keeps ties in France – he owns the manor of Le Conquet, in Brittany – it is therefore in Tahiti that Olivier de Kersauson lives. After the death of his wife Caroline Piloquet-Verne – and mother of his son Arthur – he found love again in the arms of a new girlfriend: Sandra. The couple married civilly in Brest in 2013 and religiously on the small atoll of Fakarava in 2014.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2876437-olivier-de-kersauson-religion-foi-cancer/