Olivier Giroud “pained and saddened”: this drama that stirs his guts

Olivier Giroud is back in the France team. The opportunity for the footballer to grant an interview to the Parisian, this Tuesday, March 22. He reveals in it what topical subject pains him deeply.

Olivier Giroud did not return home Blues since last June. He was finally recalled by Didier Deschamps, the coach, following the injury of Karim Benzema. After nine months of absence, the AC Milan striker will face South Africa with his teammates this Friday, March 25. Jade, Azron, Evan and Aria’s dad gave a long interview to the Parisian, this Tuesday, March 22. The former Chelsea striker, a club sanctioned for belonging to a Russian oligarch, confides that the conflict that broke out in Ukraine affected him particularly.

“I think of all these victims”admits Olivier Giroud and in particular to his “friend” Andriy Shevchenko, former international footballer and captain of the Ukrainian national team. “I am saddened, saddened”, explains the husband of Jennifer. And to add: “In my own way, I try to support Ukrainians, give financial help and call with my prayers for peace in the world.” For the Blues striker, it is important “to use (his) notoriety to convey a message of peace and love in this low world.

Olivier Giroud on Karim Benzema: “I repeat it once again, I have absolutely nothing against him”

His return to the France team, Olivier Giroud owes it to package of Karim Benzema, hurt. For a while, it was rumored that the agreement between the two players was not in good shape. But Olivier Giroud wanted to do an update on these rumors during his stay in It’s up to youlast November. “I repeat once again, I have absolutely nothing against him. We had a good relationship and a good understanding during this Euro“, he confided. The latter had all the same recognized that it had been necessary a period of adaptation after the arrival of Karim Benzema among the Blues: “When you bring any player back to a team, it takes time to adapt. This time was needed and the team has progressed”said the AC Milan striker.


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