Olivier Giroud: this funny object which he cannot do without during matches

In an interview with QGOlivier Giroud unveiled the favorite accessory he can’t do without during matches: his shin guards adorned with photos of his wife Jennifer and their four children. “It gives me a little more motivation”he confided.

Many footballers have charms. Olivier Giroud too. In an interview with QGthe French footballer, who currently plays at AC Milanunveiled the ten objects he cannot part with, the “ten essentials” of his life. He thus evoked his watch, his ball and his crampons, but also his bible (” it is very important for me “) and its hair gel. My teammates often tease me because I always have a nice hairstyle when I play but also after the game. They want to know how it is possible”joked Olivier Giroud, before revealing his secret: “Here’s what I do: a brush stroke on slightly damp hair, after a bit of strong hold gel. Then, to make the hair look nice and stay in place, I put on some hairspray, and that’s it. » A hairstyle that resists everything except too many heads during a match, ” But it is okay “.

Olivier Giroud : “It gives me a little more motivation, it makes me feel good”

If Olivier Giroud cannot enter the field without having put his gel in his hair, nor can he play a football match without his favorite accessory… his shin guards. And not just any shin guards. One features his jersey number and the names of his wife, Jennifer, and their four children, Jade, Aria, Evan and Aaron. On the other, their faces in photos, as well as an image of the World Cup. What he has most precious in short. “When I put on my shin guards before a game, I love seeing my kids’ faces so much. It gives me a little more motivation, it makes me feel good. I always think of them and they give me strength », he commented, showing the original shin guards. During the match, he keeps his family under his socks… Cool.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/olivier-giroud-ce-drole-dobjet-dont-il-ne-peut-pas-se-passer-lors-des-matchs-735607