Olivier Marchal reveals why he went on a diet and had to stop drinking…

Director Olivier Marchal was the guest of Jordan de Luxe on his show At Jordan’s. On the set, the young animator always manages to have some secrets from his guests. This one admitted that he was a man of excess, in particular at the level of alc ** l and superfluous kilos. We share with you in this article how he limited alcoholic drinks and went on a diet to lose ten pounds on the scale.

Olivier Marchal, a director who does not have his tongue in his pocket!

Olivier Marchal has multiple jobs in the audiovisual world. Indeed, he is an actor, a director and a screenwriter. As a reminder, he had made the thriller 36 Quai des Goldsmiths. Moreover, he is a committed man. He does not hesitate to display his convictions on political subjects. For example, he defends the police authorities and denounces the laxity of justice in cases of aggression. It also happens against the ideals of the extreme left.

Recently, Olivier Marchal was invited to At Jordan’s and returned to political subjects. He explained that he was not at all in the clan of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the France Insoumise. We cannot agree on everything.

Moreover, he returned to his friendship with the boss of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna. Behind his strong temperament, the man is also a very sensitive person with his problems like everyone else. A hard man with a soft heart as they say. He changed his diet and lost ten kilos. “I don’t drink anymore. More bread, more cheese, more desserts. Only vegetables and diet creams ».

Olivier Marchal needs madness in his life

Jordan De Luxe wanted to know more about the director’s other vices. Thus, he also questioned Olivier Marchal on his relationship to alc**l. Here is what he replied: “Booze is occasional. It’s festive. Alcohol has always been present in my life. As Jean Gabin said in A monkey in winter : ‘Suzanne, stop bothering me. It’s not alcohol that I miss, it’s drunkenness. I like drunkenness. I go into delusions of reading, writing…”

But, Olivier Marchal still clarified that this did not happen to him in the work. He adds : : “I’m a workhorse, I’m very serious. My father taught me to respect employers, people who pay us (…) I’ve never been drunk on a shoot. When I realize, it’s 18 hour days. Afterwards, in the evening, I can have a drink with my actors, the technicians, we can remake the world”.

The director reveals why he limits alcohol

Olivier Marchal admits that he has been in excess in his past. He remains faithful to his outspokenness and does not hesitate to admit it. “I was far into alcohol, drugs and a lot of things. I am a man of excess, balances Olivier Marchal without taboo. Moreover, he adds that he never had any click and that he himself wanted to put a stop to this excessive epicureanism. Indeed, he wishes to age in better conditions. ” At my age, if I want to continue, before becoming an old man, I want to preserve myself. I want to feel lighter, younger, because we find the body we had when we were 30 years old. It just makes it easier to work.” explains the director with a lot of logic.

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