Olivier Véran stuck by Léa Salamé and spat with Adrien Quatennens, restless evening in We are live

Although deprived of free time to give it to her children, Léa Salamé therefore continues to co-host We are live with Laurent Ruquier, on France 2. The journalist and host, who also manages Elysee 2022notably received several political representatives including Olivier Veranwho spent a restless evening.

Indeed, the Minister of Health was invited to defend the government’s record while outgoing President Emmanuel Macron announced his candidacy for a second term. He had two opponents with him: Julien Sanchez for the National Rally and Adrien Quatennens for La France Insoumise. If the debate was inevitably animated between them, the minister was also heckled by Léa Salamé! But, far from wanting to corner him on measures or facts, she got the better of him with a few questions prior to the debate… such as the birthday of the head of state. “It was not long ago, a few weeks ago“, he returned to answer before the journalist replied that it actually dates back to December 21. “I’ve lost track of time a bit for two years, so don’t blame me“, he reacted.

Léa Salamé followed up with another question far removed from political concerns, asking him if he knew the president’s favorite dish. New white from Olivier Véran: “I know he eats a lot of things. He eats simple Emmanuel Macron!“Amused, the journalist gave him a drop”oh yes you don’t really know anything“to which the Minister objected with a touch of humour,”yet I have worked this debate!

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/olivier-veran-coince-par-lea-salame-et-prise-de-bec-avec-adrien-quatennens-soiree-agitee-dans-on-est-en-direct_a483184/1