Omar Chaparro is bitten by Yuri’s chihuahua dog

“I hit the jump”, “Chihuahuas are treacherous”, “Even I was scared”, “Never trust a chihuahua”, were some reactions generated by the video that the actor shared on social networks.

Omar Chaparro likes to share his day to day on TikTok and Instagram. Recently, the Mexican comedian uploaded a video that made many of his followers laugh, but for him it was not funny at all, moreover, it gave him a tremendous scare.

In the short, Chaparro is seen with the singer Yuri, who have reunited for the new season of the program “Who is the mask?” The famous “güera” has her chihuahua dog in her arms and the actor approaches her to caress her.

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“Yuri’s dog adores me,” wrote the protagonist of “No manches Frida” next to the content, which initially shows that everything is fine.

Chaparro manages to touch her, even though the chihuahua doesn’t take her eyes off him. A few seconds later, the dog turns her face to look better and make sure what the presenter is doing.

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Unexpectedly, the pet catches Omar’s finger, to Yuri’s astonished look. The actor walks away quickly and does not hide his frightened face. The good thing is that his hand did not suffer major damage.

“And look, I love dogs, but I have never seen a #Chihuahueño with a good character,” reads the caption of the content.

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Omar’s followers did not take long to give him some advice and affirm that he should not be too trusting, since the dog gave all the signs and he did not pay attention to them.