Omar Sy: his brother Djiby is not a stranger

Everyone knows Omar Sy, but the actor, who is celebrating his 45th birthday this Friday, January 20, is from a family of eight children. He has moreover a brother who also chose an artistic path. Named Djiby, the 30-year-old young man, measuring 1.85m and who looks a lot like him physically, has decided to embark on the modeling world. On his Instagram account, followed by more than 11,000 people, he shares several photos of his shoots, including one that evokes the world of western films, where he wears a Versace piece.

In the comments, under this shot, Djiby Sy is compared to Jamie Foxx or even to Will Smith. In 2016, on the site Roots Magazine, an interview with him was published. He explained living in Paris “after two years in Los Angeles”. An American experience who allowed him “to learn a lot” things. “It was a good school of life. I needed a place to grow up”, he launched, considering himself as “a citizen of the world” who does not hesitate to travel everywhere. “I go where there is work”added the one who then had no “no family life yet” and felt “still free from [s]are movements”.

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A vocation born “a bit by chance”

Asked about the modeling world, the younger brother of Omar Sy indicated that this career “came by chance”, after having worked “on film sets, in production”. It is by linking the “clips or pubs” that the young man has been questioned several times about the possibility of posing for photographers. “Little by little, the idea germinated in my head. From there, I meet people, including my agent Gaspard […] and I was able to sign with an agency in New York”, he had confided, with pride, revealing to have given himself entirely to this profession, “because [il y a] got a taste”. “Posing and parading are things that amaze me”, underlined with amusement the one who had the opportunity to “shooting for French, Swedish and of course American brands”, but also of “do the CR Magazine by Carine Roitfeld [célèbre éditrice de magazine de mode, NDLR]”.

Article written with the collaboration of 6Medias