Omar Sy: His youngest daughter, Amani-Nour, crisp with her long braids

Currently showing in Jurassic World: The World After, Omar Sy is one of the most famous French actors on the international scene. Born in Trappes, he lives in California with his wife Hélène and their five children. They met in September 1998 and never left each other. And it is for the good of Alhadji, Sabah, Selly, Tidiane and Amani-Nour, that the couple flew to Los Angeles. But passing through Cannes recently and at the Parc des Princes last Saturday for the big concert of DJ Snake – he went on stage and found his longtime friend Nicolas Anelka in the stands – the 44-year-old actor seems to have remained in France with the family, where he enjoyed a country weekend. The occasion of the youngest of the clan, too crisp.

It was Hélène Sy who shared some photos of this weekend, taken by his daughter Selly, 21 years old. On social networks, the young woman is very active and already seems good at photography. It was therefore she who was responsible for taking some pictures of this family moment. Amani-Nour is the youngest daughter of the couple Sy. And it is only very rarely that Omar Sy and his wife Hélène leak photos of her. On the photo posted by Hélène Sy, the little girl appears from the back, adorable in her blue dress, and displaying pretty braids.

A family homecoming

Reading break in the grass for Amani-Nour, or walking hand in hand with his illustrious father Omar Sy, the stay seems to have gone very well for the Sy. And Hélène Sy does not seem to think otherwise. In the photo taken by Selly, the mother of the family, dressed in a long red skirt with polka dots, appears radiant. A homecoming that has obviously done them all the greatest good. It was in 2012 that Fred Testot’s ex-sidekick decided to move to Los Angeles with his family.