Omar Sy wants to star in a very specific movie with Tom Cruise and it would be pretty crazy if that happened

Omar Sy will be showing from Wednesday January 4 of the film Skirmishers which tells the story of a Senegalese father and son recruited by force by the French army to go and fight in Verdun in 1917 during the First World War. In promotion, he gave some interviews. The one published in The Parisian caused a lot of talk, the 44-year-old actor evoking the vision of the French on the conflict in Ukraine and on what has been happening in Africa for several years. Another, in the Sunday newspaper (JDD) went a little more unnoticed. Omar Sy was obviously talking a lot about the movie Skirmishers but also of his desires as an actor.

“It would not be a refusal”, says thus Omar Sy by evoking a possible film with… Tom Cruise. The star of French cinema would therefore see herself well alongside one of the biggest stars of Hollywood today. Omar Sy clarifies his thoughts: “I would love to play in a Impossible mission, It is said.” Whereas Mission: Impossible 7 (appointed Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One) will be released in July 2023 and the next one, part 2, will be released in June 2024, Omar Sy will have to be patient to be part of it. In any case, he hopes that Tom Cruise “reads the JDD” and that he will thus hear his call of the foot. As the Frenchman lives a large part of the year in Los Angeles, he can also ask him directly.

We must admit that if Omar Sy plays with Tom Cruiseeven in a film other than Impossible missionthat would be crazy.


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