On a diet and without consuming alcohol, this is how Christian Nodal changed his life after breaking up with Belinda

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES.- The lives of Christian Nodal and Belinda changed drastically when they announced their breakup after a year and a half of relationship.

The green-eyed decided to leave Mexico to settle for a time in Spain, his native land. There he wants to focus on her career to promote the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden.”

Nodal, for his part, seems to have left his love for Beli behind to give himself a new opportunity. Everything was exposed on May 6 when arrived in Honduras from the hand of Mariana García.

Furthermore, the interpreter “Bottle after bottle” He has implemented some changes to his lifestyle to “treat himself better.”

During an interview, the Mexican assured that he decided to make these changes in his life because he was already falling into excesses.

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The truth is I’m taking care of myself, I’m treating myself well, because just like I told you, I had gone several days without sleeping, I don’t like that, I’m on a diet, I’m eating well, I got off alcohol, a little bit, so when I really do it is to enjoy the moment with people, but no longer“, he claimed.

He also said that although he is only 23 years old, he begins with the changes to avoid suffering consequences in the future.

Partying? No, not so much partying because I’m going to finish”, mentioned the artist of the Mexican Regional.

Similarly, Nodal stated that in his new single entitled “I live in 6” there is no song specifically dedicated to his ex-partner.

The songs are just songs, they don’t necessarily have to be what’s going on in life, the truth is I’m very happy“, Held.

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