On a luxurious yacht Irina Baeva shows off what she has in a bikini

Again, the popular actress of Russian origin, Irina Baeva She became the center of attention on digital platforms after she shared some photos of her brief vacation on the paradisiacal beaches of Jalisco, in which she appeared modeling a colorful swimsuit while posing on a luxurious yacht.

After saying goodbye to her character Debra from the soap opera ‘Divided Love’, the fiancee of Gabriel Soto He decided to take a couple of days off to celebrate that he had already finished recording the Televisa production, so he grabbed his bags and went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

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It was through her personal account on the Instagram social network, where the protagonist of “Vino el amor” published two postcards that caused a stir among her more than 3 million fans, who soon filled the beautiful with compliments and compliments. young man of 29 years.

Obviously, the publication did not go unnoticed by the admirers of the famous model, thanks to everything that Irina showed in front of the camera lens, since she had no qualms about flaunting her sculptural anatomy by wearing a line-patterned bikini horizontal colors, left me open-mouthed to tens of thousands of Internet users.

While in the first image, Baeva poses on her side on the boat, in the second photo she preferred to lie on her back to tan more easily, which quickly caused all kinds of reactions among her followers, who are about to exceed 60 thousand little red hearts on the post.

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And it looks like he’s having a great time at Vallarta PortWell, just a couple of hours ago he uploaded several images to his profile to show off that he attended the last day of the Mexican Wine and Pairing Festival that is taking place in the city.

As expected, the actress of ‘Italian Girl is Coming to Marry’, once again squandered her style and modeled a light white outfit that undoubtedly must have caught the eyes of all the attendees of the place.

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