On medical recommendation, Justin Bieber cancels several concerts

Through his social networks, the renowned singer Justin Bieber announced that will postpone some of the concerts that make up his tour ‘Justice World Tour’ due to the Lyme disease he suffers from.

Bieber posted a written message in a story on his official Instagram account that reads, “I can’t believe I’m saying this. I tried my best to be better, but my illness is getting worse. My heart breaks because I will have to postpone upcoming ‘shows’ by medical orders. To all my people, I love you very much. I’m going to rest and be better”.

Justin Bieber
The Canadian singer was forced to cancel the concerts on June 7, 8 and 10 due to Lyme disease. – Photo: Instagram @justinbieber

The Canadian singer, who was about to start his tour to promote his last two albums Change Y Justicehad planned to start in Toronto, but due to health problems and medical recommendations canceled the two performances on June 7 and 8, as well as the Washington DC concert on June 10. So far the date on which he will give his concerts again is unknown.

The Justice World Tour was scheduled for the year 2020; however, the pandemic caused them to move it to 2021, but this year it was rescheduled for 2022. For now, his tour of South America is scheduled for September 4, 2022, where he will have a pass at the Rock in festival. Rio, in Brazil, will then move on to Chile on September 7 and finally, on September 10, it will close with a concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2020, the pop singer revealed through his social networks that he had been diagnosed with Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by the bite of ticks.

“While a lot of people keep saying that Bieber looks terrible, that he uses meth, etc., what they don’t realize is that I’ve recently been diagnosed with the disease. Lyme’s desease”, Justin Bieber wrote on his Instagram account in 2022.

In addition, he added in the message: “Not only that, but I had a serious case of chronic mononucleosis that affected my skin, brain functions, energy and my overall health.”

A characteristic sign of this disease is a skin lesion called erythema migrans. In addition, the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology points out that a small percentage of patients who have suffered from Lyme’s desease may suffer from a post-infectious syndrome characterized, above all, bydue to lasting asthenia (weakness and fatigue) despite having received adequate treatment.

However, this is not the only one that has affected the singer, as he also had a severe case of chronic infectious mononucleosis. This disease is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, which is transmitted through fluids such as saliva.