on the red carpet, Pedro Pascal, star of The Last of Us, has fun with his reputation

Interviewed on January 16, during a preview of the series, the actor mocked the comments of his fans, proclaiming himself “cool, slutty daddy”.

Pedro Pascal is not fooled and knows his reputation well with his fans. The star actor of the series The Last of Usadaptation of the famous video game, thus aroused the hilarity of the canvas during an interview for the American media EntertainmentTonight, on January 16th. “Do you know that you are nicknamed the “dad of the Internet?” Asked the journalist, before reading him a publication from an Internet user. Smiling, a bit embarrassed, Pedro Pascal looked into the camera before declaring: “Yes, I am your cool and sexy dad”.

The video quickly went viral on the Internet, re-shared or even turned into a meme. “God bless you Pedro Pascal,” wrote one user on Twitter. And another to add: “I love Mr. Pascal. He is so cute”.

post-apocalyptic world

The actor interprets the character of Joel in The Last of Us. In a postapocalyptic universe, he is the father of a teenager named Ellie. The duo tries to survive in this dystopian world. Another important role in his career, the latter plays a warrior, who has become the adoptive father of an alien, in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Roles that suit him perfectly.

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