On the set of RTL Info, Patrick Sabatier opens up: “We are more modest with our parents than with our guests”

The famous TV and radio host and producer Patrick Sabatier was invited to the RTL Info set this Friday, September 23.

An almost autobiographical book

He has just published a novel, The letterwhich is an inspired story “real facts”especially about his own life and that of his parents, whose real personalities he coats with fictional characters and fictionalized contexts. “I wanted to keep a distance from the characters” in order to be “a little less shameless”.

To write this book, Patrick Sabatier had to work on himself and his family. A long-term work and retrospectives, since “at 14”his “sole goal was to be a radio host”sometimes missing the facts.

Patrick Sabatier’s book also raises the question of things left unsaid. “Do we have to tell everything? I’m not sure. Do we have to know everything? yes”: the process of a lifetime, he concedes, especially when communication is difficult in the family.

Patrick Sabatier shares the complexity of questioning his relatives. “In the profession of journalist, you ask very intimate, very indiscreet questions and these questions, you don’t ask your parents”he analyzes. “We don’t interview our parents, we don’t dare to listen to certain answers. We are more modest with our parents than with guests on the set.”

Television, a lifelong love

On the RTL INFO set, Patrick Sabatier also talks about his career and the many people he has met. “The personality that impressed me the most was Alain Delon”, he indicates. “It is at the same time the one with whom I have bonded the most.”

On the TV side, Patrick Sabatier always admits to watching a lot of television, from TV movies to discovery reports. “TV is an extraordinary tool for information, documentation and even instruction”, he depicts. What he would have liked to animate? “Wanted notice”, without hesitation. The program that he would especially not like to present? “Where there is a lot of vulgarity.” Will understand who will.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/invite-sur-le-plateau-de-rtl-info-patrick-sabatier-se-livre-on-est-plus-pudique-avec-nos-parents-qu-avec-nos-invites–1404328.aspx