On the verge of tears, Consuelo Duval sends a message; Karyme Lozano reappears to answer him

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Mexico City.- This Monday, May 9, Consuelo Duval He sent a moving message, on the verge of tears, about one of his most endearing characters, but nobody expected that one of the most iconic actresses of the early 90s would reappear to answer him.

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After having lost its exclusivity with Televisathe comedian of The P. Luche Family Y Rush hourConsuelo Duval returned to Saint Angel through the front door and is that in addition to having various projects, the celebrity will also have its own program, such for whichin which he will return with the role of ‘mother of pearl‘, accompanied by her dear friend, Lorraine Garzawho gave life to ‘nacasia‘.

On the occasion of this great news, Consuelo Duval wrote a moving message to her character, in which she stressed that she was about to cry with emotion.

You deserve it ‘Nacaranda’! You deserve to see your band again and do a program together that brings back the joy that we have been losing with so much bad news. You deserve that those who grew up with you and today are adults smile with nostalgia and happiness. You deserve the whole world. I’m going to cry,” Duval said.

Several celebrities reacted to Consuelo’s comment, but there was one of them that stood out the most: Karyme Lozanoactress who is not seen in the middle since the melodrama: I want to love youfrom the year 2014, but even so, it seems that he has a great love for Duval and ‘Nacaranda’.

I love you ‘Nacaranda’. I miss you so much blanket. Don’t forget your cousin the ‘Nakaryme’

Sources: @consueloduval