On the verge of tears Maya Nazor talks about her separation from the Santa Fe Klan

In recent weeks, various rumors began to spread about the break between the Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor, and in the midst of the controversy, the young influencer decided to stand up and talk about the separation with the famous rapper, whose real name is Ángel Jair Quezada.

Just six months after the birth of their son Luka, the young couple made the decision to end your love relationshipand through her social networks, Maya Nazor confirmed the news and asked Internet users to be respectful due to the difficult time they are going through as a family.

According to the 23-year-old mother, the interpreter of “One day everything ends” and she They decided to end their romance by mutual agreement.although he clarified that this does not mean that they will lose contact, because he will always be the father of his son.

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“It is difficult for me to speak because many and many of you are being harsh and giving your opinion when you do not know the reality of my relationship, you do not know the reality of anything. I did not leave Ángel, nor did he leave me, it was a decision we both made, nothing more we separated as a couple because we are still familyWe have a son that I love with all my heart and that he loves and that will never change,” he explained.

Likewise, the popular internet celebrity made it clear that no matter what happens, she will always have great love and respect for the father of her baby, for which she asked users of social networks to also be respectful to her and her son, since in the last days it has been very attacked.

“The love and respect on my part will always be towards him and everyone and for that very reason I ask respect for myself because I am a woman, I am a mother and the only thing I have done since I got pregnant is take care of myself and my baby. I just want to be the best mom for my baby and be a strong and successful woman for my son,” she commented.

On the other hand, Maya Nazor did not hesitate to raise her voice and assure that she never approached the Santa Fe Klan out of interest, making it clear that her love for him was real during the time they were together, even though they are no longer in a relationship with the Guanajuato-born rapper.

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“I want you to know that I’m not interested. Everyone is going to keep saying it because I know that people are like that… I never told me about a person because of his physique, or money, or what he does and doesn’t do, I’ve told you before, You don’t know how we met and I fell in love with Ángel and we had a son because he wanted to and I wanted to,” said Luka’s mother.

Finally, the successful young woman assured that she is a woman “who really wants, who really loves, I have always respected my relationship, I have always respected my partner”, and on the verge of tears He stressed that he does not need a pension for her, although he did comment that he wants the Santa Fe Klan to take responsibility for his son.

“I don’t want him to give me anything. As long as he takes responsibility for his son, if you want, I don’t need anything from him. I I don’t want anyone to support me because I know how to work, I can do my things and I really don’t need anyone’s money, it doesn’t go that way, “he concluded.

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