“Once I arrived and told him; ‘Now stop it’”, Yina Calderón’s mother spoke about her daughter’s parties

Yina Calderón is one of the most controversial content creators in national entertainment. After her appearance on the show Novel protagonistsbecame famous as a result of the surgeries that have been performed and his social networks, in which he shares more than one occurrence.

Recently, Calderón’s mother, Merly Ome, spoke with the Caracol Television program Network about the parties that her daughter throws for which more than once they have called her attention in the residential complex where she lives.

According to the mother of the influencer, It started as something very calm, but then everything got out of control. “He even told me: we are going to Medellín and it was suffering,” she said.

Later, He assured that more than once the security personnel have called him to ask him to tell his daughter to stop the parties. “I had to go to the apartment to get people out of her because the surveillance calls me and tells me that Yina has already been drinking for three days,” she confessed.

In addition, he assured that he has found his daughter unable to get up and has had to ask her to stop so much partying.

“Once I arrived and told him: ‘Now, stop it.’ She told me it was her apartment, but I didn’t care. And it is that people are abusive, they take the cards and go out in the car to buy more liquor. One day I came in and the girls were putting on her clothes,” she said.

Ome also talked about the surgeries that his daughter has had, who, at some point, assured that she wanted to become a human barbie.

“The first surgery was accompanied by her father and I, and she told me that she was going to have liposuction and put vitamins in her buttocks. We heard Yina screaming in the operating room, but the doctor said that she was fine, but they were biopolymers and that’s where the ordeal began, “she said.

Despite the parties and the controversies her daughter has been involved in, her mother defends her. “Yina is not a bad person nor does she harm anyone, before, she generates employment for more than 40 people in the company and outside as well. In fact, she also has a salary for me, she has an apartment for me and she is helping me build my farm, she is a good person and I do want her to become a grandmother, so suddenly she does not make me suffer anymore, “she concluded.

Recently, Calderón’s mother also spoke about the comments made by her daughter in which she said that her mother liked to consume tusi.

In a video published by the mother of the content creator, it can be seen how, while having lunch, Mrs. Ome confronts her daughter and demands an explanation for her statements on social networks in which she claimed that she used drugs: “I don’t smoke a cigarette,” Yina Calderón’s mother said very confidently in the video, while also saying that she did not know the tusi.

After her mother clarified that she did not use any drugs, Yina Calderón could only laugh and avoid the subject, making everyone understand that the statements made a few days ago were just a social media joke and that the influencer’s mother did not really consume the drug that Calderón claimed.

Faced with her daughter’s attitude of mocking and continuing to make jokes about the alleged substances her mother was consuming, Mrs. Ome was quite upset with her daughter, so it is seen that she asks her to respect her and explains that there are things with which should not be joked.

The content creator’s attitude annoyed many social network users, who asked Calderón to respect her mother, while others claimed that the influencer “was capable of defaming even her own mother.”