“Once I wore two panties”: Adamari López reveals her rituals for the end of the year

The presenter assured that everything has worked for her in due time. She also says that by 2023 she will not close the doors to a new love.

A few days before the end of 2022, Adamari López confessed some of the rituals she has performed to start the year to come with the best of vibes.

During an interview for the Mezcal Entertainment site, the Puerto Rican presenter and actress had no problem confessing that they all do the rituals: “throwing water back, running out with suitcases, eating the twelve grapes for prosperity, red shorts and yellow,” he said.

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Adamari explained that they have all worked for him at the time. “I remember once I put on both shorts, red and yellow at the same time, which I think is for money and prosperity, that it was a very good year, and red for love”, commented the Latin star. “The water in the back so that the bad things go away, the suitcases to travel a lot, they have all worked for me,” added Alaïa’s mother.

He also stated that 2022 has been a year of learning, where he has valued the work and appreciated it. “I have learned to enjoy each stage, feel it, live it, face it, and move forward,” he said. “In personal terms, I think there are many things I can continue working on to continue improving, in self-esteem, in personality, in character “.

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In addition, he revealed the qualities that a future love relationship should have, where he prioritizes “respect, admiration and fidelity”, as well as the desire to form a family for life.