“One day he is in “Case Closed” and the other in Ukraine”: Mexican presenter lashes out at youtuber Álex Tienda and makes fun of him when he was with Dr. Ana María Polo | People | Entertainment

Álex Tienda’s coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to cause controversy. In his native country he was equally criticized when he revealed that he was registering the first bombings, after the invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin. But now, due to twists and turns of life, that stay earned him the memory of the strange case that he played on the show “Case Closed.”

For his days in the European country, the haters pointed out that he lacked journalistic training. However, he did not care what the users said and so he uploaded several tweets to his Twitter account.

“Some consider Russia’s interest in my account absurd, but in war information is everything. I know that for many I am not a journalist or relevant, but the reality is that what I have documented to date about what is happening in Ukraine has reached millions of people, ”she wrote.

Now in retaliation for “denying” an interview, the past of the content generator came to light, which some did not know.

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Álex Tienda sued his wife for 5 thousand dollars in “Case Closed”

Many know the unusual and dramatic stories that were exposed in the “Case Closed” program, hosted by Dr. Ana María Polo. And this scenario was Álex Tienda, suing his wife for 5 thousand dollars.

The young man alleged that he had been unfaithful “with vegetables”, and demanded that amount because that figure was the cost of the treatment he had paid for the sexually transmitted disease that he infected.

“All this relaxation of the disease that hit me happened because my wife has been cheating on me having vegetarian sex,” Tienda explained to the renowned Cuban-American presenter.

In the scene, the youtuber even showed the vegetables that his wife preferred and that is how the program broadcast in 2014 passed. That year, through a video, the Mexican explained why he was there, giving the details that led him to Miami to stage this incredible story, which caused many comments among his followers.

And seven years after that performance, Adela Micha, host of the program “Adela told me”, revived that moment and made fun of Álex Tienda, comparing her coverage in Ukraine with “Case Closed”. In her space, she presented a fragment of the video and commented on that work with ridicule and laughter, published by El Imparcial.

“One day you are in Case Closed and the other in Ukraine,” the Mexican journalist reminded the young man, who defended himself against these words, confronting the presenter on the networks and making it clear that he was acting in retaliation for not having agreed to give him an interview.

Through her Twitter account, she wrote: “Dear Adela Micha, I see that denying you the interview (because of your bad treatment in the previous interview) led you to look into my past to laugh at my work. If it works for you, I’ll share this video where I tell that funny anecdote.”

Within minutes, he tweeted another message in which he left a warm farewell. “The video is from 7 years ago and we all laughed at it in its time, but it will surely serve you. I send you a big hug!”.

In this way, the 35-year-old youtuber ended the impasse with the journalist, but not before leaving her the link to the last interview in which Adela sought him out to talk about her experience in the war in Afghanistan, in which she also recorded some events.

According to Álex Tienda, the presenter did not let him express himself before the constant interruptions he made in the middle of the conversation, in the invitation he gave him on August 18, 2021. (AND)

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