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Throughout this 2022, countless stars threw the house out the window to celebrate their birthdays with spectacular parties full of all kinds of luxuries and extravagances.

5 Celebrities Who Had The Most Lavish Birthday Parties In 2022

For this reason, we remind you five of the most luxurious celebrations of those famous for their return to the sun during this year that is already leaving us:

kim kardashian

The businesswoman had several parties for his 42nd birthday in October. The first was an exclusive dinner in a tent decorated with fabrics, wooden tables and thousands of flowers and candles.

During the evening, the socialite and their guests enjoyed a menu inspired by Japanese cuisine which included expensive dishes such as lobster, crab, salmon and wagyu cuts.

Besides, Kardashian prepared everything to go on a trip to Las Vegas with her friends and family to attend a presentation of Usher; however, to your private jet it was impossible to land.

The weather was responsible for watering down this famous plan, but that’s not why they went home. However, decided to go eat burgers at In-N-Out Burger with their sensational looks.

Georgina Rodriguez

In January, gio celebrated his arrival at the age of 28 in Dubai, where she was honored with various celebrations. Among them, a lunch on the beach with her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo and his sons.

In addition, her partner consented to her with a dinner in a luxurious place with an idyllic view of the metropolis where she was received with balloons of different colors and arrangements with thousands of flowers.

On the terrace, the businesswoman received one of her gifts: the projection of a video of promotion of your reality show and a message in English that said “Happy birthday, Gio” at the Burj Khalifa.

The surprise moved her to tears, but this was not the only gift because Ronaldo later gave her a large bouquet of red roses that included two of these gold-plated flowers.

Kylie Jenner

The businesswoman turned 25 in August and decided to celebrate in style. First, he celebrated with a yacht dinner with Show of fireworks where his family and friends were.

Apart from the exclusive evening, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics celebrated his birthday with a trip aboard the lavish ship with their friends in which they enjoyed glasses of wine and shots of tequila.

Of course, he also received expensive gifts from his loved ones. His mom, Chris Jenner, gave him an exclusive hermès birkin bag whose estimated price is 100 thousand dollars.

Likewise, her boyfriend and father of her children, the rapper travis scottentertained her by filling her home with thousands of pink roses of different shades to express his love to her on her return to the sun.

Chiquis Rivera

Just like Kylie, the singer Chiquis Rivera decided to celebrate his thirty-seventh birthday in June aboard a luxurious yacht in paradise Punta Canain the Dominican Republic.

Together with her friends and her boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez, the singer broke a piñata in the nave, blew out the candles a huge cakedanced until exhaustion and even swam in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea.


The actress and singer turned 51 in August and celebrated with a luxurious dinner with her friends and husband, Tommy Mottola, at Gekkō, Bad Bunny’s restaurant, in Miami, Florida.

The star and the rest of the celebrities who accompanied her, such as lily estefan and his uncles Gloria and Emilio Stefan, they were delighted with extraordinary cocktails, various types of sushi and the best music.

Of course, the artist also had a cake at her birthday party as tradition dictates, but not just anyone but one of five floors in white with decorations in gold.

Besides, her guests, fans and loved ones pampered her with many gifts. Among them, a Barbie of her character in Maria, the one from the neighborhood. Lili Estefan gave her some tennis shoes and a Fendi bag.

Prior to this celebration, the workers of her record company surprised her with a letter cake with a cookie and other desserts to wish you a happy birthday.