one of the most controversial jokes of his entire career

The most faithful fans of Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez, better known by his stage name “Polo Polo“, mourn his death, which took place on the morning of Monday, January 23, 2023.

The Mexican artist fought for several years against Alzheimer’s, a disease that made him lose many of his abilities and finally brought him to an end. His departure occurred when he was 78 years old, leaving an enormous legacy in the world of comedy in Mexico.

Remembered for his distinctive sense of humor that on many occasions brought trouble to Polo Polohis jokes for adults led him to international fame, being esteemed by many of the great comedians in Spanish.

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Polo Polo: one of the most controversial jokes of his entire career.

For this reason, on this very special occasion we will commemorate his career spanning several decades, now reliving one of the jokes that caused the most uproar among the public, because despite its brevity it struck a chord with a large number of people.

The joke recites:

There is a teacher with a group of children and tells them:

Are you ready for the cheers?!


Where is dad?

I dont know!!!

Where is mom?

I dont know!!!

Now everybody:

Up, up the San José orphanage!!!

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