“One of the worst things I’ve done”: Kourtney Kardashian devastated by a costly blunder…

This is the kind of misadventures she would have done well! It was revealed that the beautiful Kourtney Kardashian had broken her engagement ring, which bound her to the musician Travis Barker. An adventure that was filmed and that fans were able to discover this week in the last episode of the new event series The Kardashians.

It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve done in my life.the eldest Kardashian sister confided to her mother Kris Jenner in the last episode of The Kardashians, devastated. Indeed, the star did not mince words when revealed that she had broken the sumptuous engagement ring (estimated at 1 million dollars) that had been offered to her by her companion, drummer Travis Barker.

“I was sitting on the floor folding sweaters, so I took the ring off and put it on the floor. I ended up stepping on the ring” she said before explaining having “cried for hours in the toilet”. And even if we can obviously understand his sadness, the ex of Scott Disieck felt a lot of guilt, even going so far as to reach the “nervous breakdown”, as she revealed.

“I did something really really bad” do we see her declared on the phone to her fiancé, who has admitted the star herself“handled the situation as best he could”. The one who lit up the last Grammy Awards has finally calmed down after having long brooded over her dramatic clumsiness. “I said to myself ‘this is the most beautiful thing you’ve had in your life’, how could I have done that?”

As a reminder, Kourtney Kardashian has been living an idyllic love affair with the tattooed Travis Barker since January 2021. After several years of a toxic and conflicting history with her ex and father of her children Scott Disick, 2021 marked a sentimental rebirth for the 43-year-old beauty who traveled the world with her fiancé. The couple even got married last April in a chapel in Las Vegas.

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