One of them wants to be an actor – Nueva Mujer

The actors’ twins, Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina, are very handsome young men who have grown very quickly and who they fill their parents not only with love, but with a lot of pride for how noble, simple and educated they are.

José Eduardo and Roberto are already 22 years old, despite the fact that their parents have been separated for many years, They maintain a very close relationship with both of them, including their sisters on their mother’s side, María Itatí, and on their father’s side, Julia, they maintain a very beautiful friendship.

The family meets constantly and there is harmony between Itatí, Eduardo and his current wife, the actress Mayrin Villanueva. So this family is an example of union, despite the differences of the past.

Gallants and one wanting to be an actor

In August 2022, Eduardo and Roberto celebrated their 22nd birthday in style, both are the faithful portrait of their father, gallants and with a lot of charisma.

José Eduardo, plans to follow in the footsteps of his parents, for that reason he moved to New York to take acting classes and attend college.

“Tomorrow, God willing, I will already be here accompanying me on red carpets,” said the actor “Ruby” Y “I love Juan Querendón”, In an interview with the media, he reviewed the Audacy portal.

Both actors have confessed that they will give “the little kick” when Eduardo starts professionally.

While Robert, He also went to live in the United States and entered Radford University in Virginia. The young man’s aspiration is to become a professional soccer player and in this place he will be part of the university team.

Since 2020, Roberto Miguel has been in a relationship with Zaire Renataa young woman who has stayed away from public life and with whom she shares posts on social networks.

The 47-year-old actress revealed how she is in the role of mother-in-law and what her relationship is with her daughter-in-law.

I am an excellent mother in law”, Itatí assured, in addition to admitting that the arrival of the young woman in the life of her son was almost a blessing, because “She is a beautiful, good girl, she has a beautiful family, a girl with principles, values”, reviewed El Comercio of Peru.

They were couples and now friends

Itatí Cantoral shares her life with her 13-year-old daughter María Itatí, who also wants to be an actress like her mother and recently debuted as a model in the new clothing line launched by the actress with Fundación Origen.

For his part, Eduardo Santamarina has Julia, Also 13 years old, she has undergone surgery on several occasions to correct a limb discrepancy.

The truth is that the children of both couples They have shown how well they get along and all the love they profess for their parents.