One person disappears: Prince Andrew withdraws from social media

A person disappears
Prince Andrew is retiring from social media

Prince Andrew is expected to appear in court against Virginia Giuffre’s sexual abuse allegations in the fall. Public criticism of the prince has grown steadily over the years, most recently the Queen revoked his military titles. Now his online profiles are apparently deleted.

Britain’s Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II, has apparently deactivated several of his online network accounts. When searching for the Duke of York on Twitter, the opening message “This account does not exist” now comes. An error message also appears on YouTube. The Instagram and Facebook pages seemed to be working at first, but the Instagram page was limited to private access.

The “Guardian” also reported on the deletions and also mentioned adjustments on the official website of the British monarchy. Accordingly, there were adapted the sections with Prince Andrew’s former military titles and patronages, which the Queen recently revoked. On Wednesday evening, the website of the British monarchy could not be reached at all.

In the New York abuse trial against the 61-year-old, plaintiff Virginia Giuffre accuses the prince of sexually abusing her multiple times when she was 17. Andrew stated that he had no memory of any encounter with her. Because of the allegations and his previous contacts with the now dead US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew gave up his royal duties in 2019 and largely withdrew from the public.

Last week, the palace announced that Andrew had been stripped of his military ranks and royal patronage. More than 150 veterans of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army had previously sent an open letter to the Queen, urging her to relieve her second eldest son of his military roles.