One year after the death of Rafaella Carrà. Who inherited her fortune?

The Italian singer never had children, so it is intriguing to know what was the fate of her enormous fortune and who inherited it.

Today, Tuesday, July 5, the first anniversary of the death of Raffaella Carrà is commemorated, at the age of 78, due to a cancer she suffered from.

“He has left us. He has gone to a better world, where his humanity, his unmistakable laugh and his extraordinary talent will shine forever”Sergio Japino, the singer’s partner, said a year ago when announcing the sad news of the singer’s death. Also, Japino revealed that the artist suffered from serious lung cancer.

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His death took many of his admirers by surprise. And it is that she managed to become a benchmark of music both in her native Italy and in other countries thanks to her intelligence, elegance and charisma.

The popular artist was part of the reality show The Voice Italia in 2013 and 2014. Photo: AFP

A year after the death of the artist, the question arises again: who inherited her immense fortune?

Because the Italian artist was always very reserved with her privacy, there is no official information that explains exactly what has become of the singer’s immense fortune. However, Italian media indicate that Raffaella possibly divided her inheritance between her nephews, Matteo and Federica Pelloni, her last partner, Sergio Japino, and the daughters of her first love, Gianni Boncompagni. It is worth mentioning that the great singer and actress had no children.

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In addition, it is likely that the Italian has also allocated part of her assets to social causes, something that the singer had already been doing during her long professional career.

It should be remembered that weeks before his death, Raffaella donated a 160-square-meter gym to a charity.

The popular vedette sang some of her songs in Italian. Video: illustrative and non-commercial image /

Rafaela Carrà was born in Bologna, Italy, on June 18, 1943. She was an icon of music and television both in her native country and in Spain, countries in which she presented various programs, most of them on the Italian network RAI and on Spanish Television, but also made specials in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Peru. The singer’s hits, among which songs such as “Caliente, Caliente”, “We have to come to the south”; “How painful”; “Goodbye friend”; “Lucas”, “Party”; “In love everything is to start” and “Rumore”, have remained in force in and continue to do so a year after her death.