Onlyfans response: Bill Kaulitz is disappointed in the “Kaulitz Hills” podcast

Updated on 08/24/2022 at 3:32 p.m

In the current episode of her podcast “Kaulitz Hills”, Bill is disappointed with the response from fans to his new Onlyfans account. In addition, the brothers strike serious tones and discuss the question of whether they believe in life after death. In the usual manner, however, it is also funny and with a lot of sideswipes between the musicians.

Attentive listeners of the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood” will probably have noticed it long ago: Because Bill and Tom Kaulitz often call each other the nickname “Maus”. So it’s not too surprising that the latest episode of the Spotify podcast begins with a discussion of pet names. The brothers agree on one thing: they don’t like the term “Schatzi”, while “Schatz” is fine. “Pet names are hard,” notes Tom, because “they develop on their own in every relationship,” concludes Bill. “Right now someone is saying ‘bunny’ to me, I actually think that’s really cute,” reveals the Tokio Hotel singer before the twin brothers devote themselves to the other topics of their podcast episode.

“Disappointed and pissed off!” is the name of the episode that was released on Wednesday and if it were primarily up to Bill, the 32-year-old would probably have preferred the title “grateful and happy”. But it shouldn’t be like that and in fact the musician showed himself a little broken in the episode. The reason: the response from fans to his recently launched account on the Onlyfans social media platform. “Go to Onlyfans and look at my hot photos,” he euphorically asked the listeners at the end of the previous episode. But when Tom asked how Onlyfans was doing, Bill was frustrated: “It’s getting better, but it’s far below my expectations and I’m a mixture of disappointed and angry.”

Bill on charity campaign: “I donate money anyway”

As Bill explains again, he would like to donate part of the income generated via Onlyfans to a charitable purpose. In the meantime, he has also “found a great association” that is primarily committed to the welfare of whales and dolphins. The musician is all the more disappointed that the commitment of the fans has apparently been limited so far. “I don’t think that’s okay of you guys, I’m telling it like it is,” he adds. On the objection of his brother Tom, who suspects that the fans might be reluctant to subscribe because Bill already has the financial means to make donations, he responds honestly: “I donate money anyway.” Rather, the Onlyfans income is a payment that he wanted to make additionally.

In addition to the frustration about the sluggish Onlyfans start, it also becomes profound as a result. Because in the “Gekaulitzt” category, the brothers, whose 33rd birthday is “just around the corner”, answer questions from their listeners. A listener wants to know whether the two of them believe in life after death, and Tom in particular strikes a serious note in this regard. “I think when you think about death, it gives you a very strange feeling. I’m afraid of it,” he explains. For him, death is “insanely depressing”. When asked if he believes in something that comes after death, he reacts thoughtfully: “I don’t know what to believe in. To be honest, I believe that unfortunately nothing comes after that and I find that incredibly sad.” Bill, on the other hand, looks at this question differently. He believes in “old souls and that we’ve all been here before.” Tom finds this approach too “esoteric”, but the two agree on one thing. Because, as Tom sums it up, “it’s all the more important that you enjoy the life you have to the fullest and also live in the now.”

Which celebrity does Bill resemble? Tom knows the answer

In typical “Kaulitz Hills” manner, the two brothers also deliver a lot of jokes, side blows and funny anecdotes. For example, Tom doesn’t find it difficult to answer Bill’s question as to which celebrity he sees similar to: “Inka Bause. Bärbel Schäfer,” he counters spontaneously. Speaking of celebrity: In the “Sweet, medium, extra hot” category, a listener asked which celebrity TV format the two would be most likely to participate in if their music careers didn’t work out at some point. You can choose from the shows “Celebrity Big Brother”, “I’m a star – get me out of here” and “Adam and Eve – the celebrity special”. The format in which the two would most likely take part is therefore given the attribute “sweet”. Bill doesn’t find it difficult to answer this question: “Sweet – clearly ‘Celebrity Big Brother’,” he replies, but adds with a laugh that the TV broadcaster Sat1 shouldn’t have the idea of ​​sending him an offer. Tom also has a tendency, but limits the whole thing directly: “If it weren’t broadcast on television, I would like to do the jungle camp privately with my friends.”

Next week we will continue with “Kaulitz Hills”. The podcast appears every Wednesday.

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