Opal opens a showroom in Santa Cruz

From Tuesday, March 8, customers of opal can acquire the products that the company markets in its new showroom in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The establishment is located between the seventh and eighth ring of Cristo Redentor avenue (Opal headquarters).

In the exhibition hall, which covers an area of ​​160 square meters, people can enjoy in a beverage experience zone (energizers, beers, cream liqueurs, whiskeys, vodkas, wines, among others) and foods (chocolates and nutrition) that the company distributes.

Opal, in addition, expands its offer of a variety of home appliances with brands such as Peabody, Sharp, Galanz, among others.

This is the third store that the company opens in Bolivian; already has showrooms in Trinidad and Sucre. Soon, it will be the turn of Cochabamba, La Paz and Potosí. Similarly, it will open at least three other stores in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Opal also has a digital store, called opal.shopavailable in the main country delivery applications.

About the company

Opal has more than 30 years of experience in the national market. Specializes in import, distribution and marketing of beverages and food.

Its flagship product Panamanian franchise and local production is Free Cuba.

It has its own offices in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, La Paz, Cochabamba and Trinidad and distributors in Cobija, Sucre, Tarija and Potosí, thus covering the entire country.