Ophélie Meunier returns to the death threats received after a report on radical Islamism

Leah Bitton


In an interview with “ELLE” magazine, Ophélie Meunier returned to the death threats she received after the broadcast of a “Forbidden Zone” in January 2022.

In an interview with the magazineSHE “, Ophélie Meunier returned to the death threats she received after the broadcast of a “Forbidden Zone” on radical Islamism, in particular in the city of Roubaix (Hauts-de-France), last January. The journalist said that she had not “prevented herself from living”, that she had not “locked herself up” at home, but that the two months which followed the broadcast of the report had not been ” normal”. “There was an investigation, we found some of the perpetrators of the threats. This is why I repeat: we must file a complaint, ”she confided to the weekly published on Thursday.

“What happened is proof that journalism touches on sensitive subjects and that we need to explore them more than ever,” continued the mother of Joseph (soon to be 3 years old) and Valentine (eight months), before to underline the support received from “numerous media”. “I already knew it, but I realized even more that it happened to others before me and that it will happen again. […] What I would like to say is that at all stages of this story, whether before, during, at the height of the matter, or today, when all that is behind me, by presenting this report, I am convinced that I have done my job”, can we read in the columns of the magazine.

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Mathieu Vergne’s wife came out of silence after being invited to the set of “Daily” on February 16. “It’s okay, it’s okay. I speak little on the subject publicly because it is a subject that affects my personal life and my family. But it’s okay, and I’m smiling today. […] It is true that it is a sensitive subject, which is often taken over by the far right”, she had told Yann Barthès, before letting go: “We journalists, our job is to talk about the most important subjects. factually possible, without ideology. That’s what we did”.

Source- https://www.parismatch.com/People/Ophelie-Meunier-revient-sur-les-menaces-de-mort-recues-apres-un-reportage-sur-l-islamisme-radical-1810991