Ophélie Meunier victim of death threats: this call from Gérald Darmanin turned her life upside down


In a recent interview, Ophélie Meunier returned to the death threats she received following the broadcast of a report. But also on this call from Gérald Darmanin, which changed his life. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

Death threats for a report

We can say that Ophélie Meunier’s daily life changed last January. In fact, at that time, M6 broadcast a report partly dedicated to Islamism in the city of Roubaix. This film, made with a hidden camera, notably showed images of a Roubaix business. A store like no other. Since in this one, they sold faceless dolls, on the grounds that the Koran prohibits figurative representations.

In this report, we were also able to discover that a homework assistance association, subsidized by the town hall, would in fact house Koranic teachings. Unfortunately, following this broadcast, Ophélie Meunier was the subject death threats. Moreover, a few days later, the journalist will receive a call from the Minister of the Interior which will quite simply upset her daily life. Read the rest of our article, you will understand.

Ophélie Meunier under police protection for five months

The shock documentary hurt Ophélie Meunier. Moreover, the Minister of the Interior had no choice but to react. Indeed, Gérald Darmanin has decided to put the presenter, as well as the lawyer Amine Elbahi, under police protection. A phone call, which the young woman remembers very well: “Ophélie, starting tomorrow morning, 8 a.m., you will have a team from the State Protection Services, for an indefinite time”.

Gérald Darmanin considered that it was important to protect Ophelie Meunier. An incredible situation for the young woman: “At no time in his life do we expect this. It was terrifying for my family and for me.” Thus, the journalist was placed under police protection for five months. Every day, every time she moved, she had a man with her. More privacy, 24 hour surveillance.

Ophélie Meunier was afraid for her life

All these measures were necessary for Ophélie Meunier. Indeed, the young woman was afraid for her life. And even more for that of his family: “With of the extremely shocking words to me, my children and my loved ones. This story is behind us now.” As a woman, she also felt like a target for her detractors.


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