Ophélie Winter: the singer sublimated for a surprise reappearance

Friday, May 13, 2022, Ophélie Winter shared a preview of her last photo shoot on Instagram. A magnificent shot that reassured the fans, many of whom complimented her.

The singer is definitely back! In early April, Ophélie Winter shared a duet with Julien Dore on stage at the Accor Hotel Arena. While she wants to find her fans, it is on Instagram that the pretty blonde shared a preview of her last photo shoot. In the caption of a snapshot where she displays a wide smile, the star wrote: “First shot of a new photo shoot on the beach… Hope you like it… Have a great weekend everyone.“In the comments section, many netizens sent him loving messages. We can indeed read: “So beautiful Ophelia, both inside and out!“; “Ophelia you are finally back! But how happy am I! Resplendent!“; “The adjective ‘radiant’ is made for you!” ; or : “So pretty… The years have no hold on you!

Wednesday April 27, 2022, the singer’s agent, Christopher Davin, had given his news in the columns of Gala. Three years after Ophélie Winter was caught on camera getting out of her car where she had apparently spent the night, the latter revealed: “She was repatriating her last belongings when she was ‘paparazzed’ in 2019. She was settling in Reunion!“After explaining that the interpreter of God gave me faith had herself launched the rumor that she was on the street, in order to know who, in her entourage, would relay the information to the media, Christopher Davin added: “Ophélie has often been betrayed, she has never had a framework either, we are working on it, it was the condition for a collaboration. She is gradually regaining her self-confidence.

Ophélie Winter no longer lives in France

In September 2019, the singer, rare in the media, went to the set of Do not touch My TV. Referring to the pictures where she gets out of her car, Ophélie Winter had assured: “It made me laugh, then it pissed me off a little since there is much more interesting news than that… But I don’t live in France anymore, and I spent almost two weeks doing Mario Bros with my little Smart to ask anyone anything because here it is… I did my little move from storage unit to storage unit and ten round trips with the boxes in my car. I even had a giggle at a red light.


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