Orelsan talks about his possible end to his career in rap!

By Laura D’Angelo

– Modified Dec 28, 2022 at 11:07 am

Will Orelsan put an end to his musical career? The rapper returns to this rumor.

Orelsan tries as much as possible to please his audience. A new album, a tour, a reissue and a documentary about his private life. On the occasion of his participation in the podcast Head words, the rapper confided in his vision of his profession and on rap in general. With an open heart, he indulges in many confidences. In particular, he returned to a sentence that caused a lot of talk and which is present in his latest album : “ I was all alone, there are thousands of us. Soon you will all forget me“. Could this be a message to announce the end of his singing career? ” I really thought that when you make music, you have people who follow you, you’re cool, and at some point they will follow someone else, and you disappear. It’s normal, it’s life“.

“I will completely consider stopping Orelsan’s character”

Orelsan put things in context. ” maybe it was the “soon” that was a bit pessimistic. It depends on what you mean by “soon”. I mean it’s sure that at some point people won’t listen to my music anymore, but that’s normal, there’s no problem“. Good news for his fans. However, the rapper qualifies his remarks. ” I don’t think I’ll stop creating stuff, but every time I finish an album, I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s over. I’ve done everything I have to do’. In fact, I would be surprised if I stopped. »

His job and his stage life is sometimes difficult to manage for the artist. ” On the other hand, what is possible is that I don’t release an album like that. I will consider completely to arrest Orelsan’s characterbecause it’s super heavy. It takes your private life, you set super high expectations, I have to question myself with each album… It takes a lot of time. And then I always have the fantasy of leaving at the right time, but I don’t think I’ll manage not to do artistic stuff. Afterwards, it’s good to do artistic stuff for yourself. I don’t have to put everything out in front of the world every time…” Thus, Orelsan is not yet ready to retire. However, he does not completely dismiss the idea. Hoping that he prepares his fans for this eventuality well in advance. His audience is certainly dreading the day when he will announce the final end of his career.

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